AHAA Show Regulations

1.  All horses must be registered with the AHAA or their relevant Breed Association.

2.  A judge's decision will be final.  A judge’s decision represents an individual preference and is unable to be protested against, unless it is held to be in violation of a rule.

3.  Any person insulting or interfering with the Judges during the Show will be subject to removal from the Show and the prizes (if any) awarded to him/her forfeited.

4.  Protests must be lodged with the Show Secretary in writing and signed by the applicant within one (1) hour of the completion of the actual event accompanied with a deposit of $25 which shall be forfeited to the Association if the protest be considered unfounded or frivolous.  In the case where a veterinarian is required to attend a protest, the cost will be at the expense of the person lodging the protest and will be payable prior to the vet's attendance.  This fee will be refunded should the protest be upheld.

5.  In the event of any protest being received the same will be considered as soon as possible by the Show Committee.
6.  Approved safety helmets must be worn:
a) at all times by all riders under 18 years of age
b) by all riders in warm up areas
c) according to EA rules for dressage (i.e. up to & including medium level)
d) according to EA rules for ridden classes (i.e. at the discretion of the rider, a helmet, bowler, top hat or costume hat may be worn)
e) by all riders in classes involving jumping

7.  The Committee reserves the right to alter, delete etc, any or all of the entire program without prior notice.

8.   Age of exhibits to be taken from 1st August.

9.   Partbred Males competing over the age of 2 years and one day must be gelded.
10.  Any time except when stabled, entires must be handled with (a) a bit (b) a combination of a halter & chain or (c) a serretta or any combination of the above.
11.  Handlers of entires for in hand classes must be 18 years or above and riders of entires in ridden classes must be 17 years or above.
12.  Stallions should wear EA official green "discs" at all times whilst at the venue.  These discs are to be worn on both sides of head collars and bridles or on some part of the horse on both sides to identify to others that the horse is a stallion.
13.  Floats/trucks that transport stallions should display the EA official magnets giving notice that there is a stallion on board.
14.  At all AHAA run shows, owners must produce Registration papers and allow the Steward to check the horse’s identification as per those papers, if so requested before entering the ring.
15.  Owners must be financial members of the A.H.A.A. or their relevant Breed Associations for all Andalusian Shows and Andalusian classes at Shows.
16.  Entry forms will include the statement that the Exhibitor has read and understood the Show Rules and Regulations and has signed the member or non-member  Release and Waiver of Liability" form at the time of entry.

17.  No horse may compete under the influence of performance modifying substances at Shows.

18.  At AHAA events full consideration is given to the welfare of the horse.  No person may abuse a horse or allow any other person to abuse a horse which is within their care.  ‘Abuse’ means an action and/or omission and/or application of equipment that causes or is likely to cause pain or unnecessary discomfort to a horse including without limitation any of the following:
a)  whipping or beating a horse excessively
b)  using spurs excessively or persistently
c)   using any device or equipment in any manner which causes excessive discomfort to the horse (including but not limited to bits and nosebands etc.)
d)  leaving a horse without adequate food or water
e)  ensuring the horse’s comfort is adequate to the weather conditions
f)  using medication or otherwise to mask health or injury issues
g)  competing on an animal experiencing health or discomfort symptoms.  

19.  No horse may be shown in a roller in Led classes.

20.  Places in classes shall be up to 4th place if there are under 10 horses in class and 6th place if there are over 10 horses in the class.  All ribbon winners will be eligible for Most Successful Exhibitor trophy.
21.  Novice class is open to any horse that has not won a blue ribbon in Novice or Open Hack classes at Agricultural Shows or Andalusian Shows.
22.  EA Dressage Tests must be run according to EA Rules and Scoring Systems.
23.  The wearing of stud logos is not permitted on any item of clothing/saddle cloth while competing in Andalusian classes.
24.  Andalusians are not permitted to be shown with false tails.
25. Any horse under the age of three (3) years shall only be eligible to be ridden in its own Breed age  class.
26.  National Shows must guarantee a minimum number of 30 exhibits.