New Membership
(a)     New Full Memberships including the joining fee:                       $145
(b)     New Joint Memberships including the joining fee:                     $145
(c)     New Assockiate Memberships including the joining fee               $120
(c)     New Junior Membership (under 18) including the joining fee:      $90

Renewal of Membership
(a)        Renewing Full Memberships                                                   $125
(b)        Renewing Joint Memberships                                                 $125
(c)        Renewing Associate Memberships                                           $100
(d)        Renewing Junior memberships                                               $70

Friends of the AHAA  (for non-owners/non-riders)                        $45
*****(these Friends receive the AHAA Magazine but have no voting rights, cannot transact in respect of horse registrations, transfers etc and have no public liability insurance.

Part year memberships paid after 1st August, will be one half of the relevant fees.

From all membership fees there is a State Levy incorporated and paid to the members' relevant state branch as follows:
           (a)        Full Members                                       $20
           (b)        Associate Members                               $15
           (c)        Junior Member (under 18 years)             $ 5

This levy is already included in your membership fee.
Please note that Stallion and Mare owners must be Full Members.  Gelding owners may be Associate members. 
Annual fees are due on the 1st January and may be paid by cheque, Money Order, cash or direct deposit to the Commonwealth Bank.  Andalusian Horse Association of Australia: BSB: 063546   Account number: 00901015  Please use your name as reference.
New members receive one free horse transfer with their membership. 



Registration Applications need to be submitted within TWELVE (12) MONTHS of foaling

Purebred Spanish                                                                              $100
Purebred Iberian                                                                               $100
Hispano-Arabe                                                                                  $100
Australian Andalusian                                                                        $80
Partbred and Andalusian Derivative Registers                                      $60
All Geldings                                                                                      $60 
Late Fee
13 - 24 months of age (in addition to registration fee and Council approval where applicable)    $70  
Breeder Discount
Free registration to breeders for registration of their 6th horse for the season. The free fee will be set at the lowest fee for the horses being registered if it is a combination.


Transfer of Ownership

Within 90 days                                                           $50
Exceeding 90 days                                                      $80


Roll of Merit

Entry per horse per category                                       $50



Lease (payable by Lessee)                                             $40
Service Certificate Book                                                 $25
DNA Testing                                                                  $90
Microchip                                                                      $20
Duplicate Certificate                                                       $30


Stud Service Returns

Per mare                                                                       $15
Stud Return late fee                                                       $20


Website Advertising

Member's Stud Listing                                                     Free
Stallion at Stud advertisement (1 jpeg photo + text)          Free
For Sale/Wanted advertisement (1 jpeg photo + text)        Free to members/$40 for 6 months for non-members


Magazine (Salto al Cielo) Advertising

Full page                                                                             $150
Half page                                                                             $80
Quarter page                                                                        $50
Please email advertisement to and arrange payment with the AHAA Federal Secretary.
Digital photographs need to be high resolution for best results.  
Articles for the newsletter should also be sent to the Federal Secretary.