2018 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the AHAA which was due to be held on 30 June 2018 has been postponed to 3 pm on 18th August. The reason is that, due to the number of nominations received for positions on Federal Council, there needs to be an election. A list of nominations and ballot papers will be posted to all Life and Full Members.

2018 AHAA National Championships

The 2018 National Championships were held on 4th, 5th and 6th May at Queensland State Equestrian Centre, Caboolture.  Results can be found under the Competitions menu item of this website.

2017 AGM

Following the 2017 AGM held on 1st June we welcome Sharryn Jenkinson from Victoria to our Federal Council. Our new Federal President is last year's Vice President, Christine Shanahan. Vice President is Dianne Baxter.

Katharine Howard Olsen

A former President of the AHAA, founder of the LHAA and the first person to import Lusitanos into Australia, Katharine has been an influential and highly respected advocate for Iberian horses in this country. She sadly passed away on 23rd December 2016.  She was well loved and will be greatly missed by many of us.


Outstanding Quality Audit Results for our DNA lab


Paul Brown


It is with a heavy heart that I am notifying AHAA members of the death of our Vice-President, Paul Brown. Paul died suddenly of an aortic aneurysm in his sleep on Tuesday night/Wed morning. Paul is a former AHAA President and was an active Council member for many years before that. He was always ready to support the association in any way he could. His financial advice was always appreciated and, at the last AHAA Nationals, he was a tireless ring steward in the main arena. He just loved Andalusian horses and he also loved mixing with other Andalusian owners and enthusiasts! Paul was also a very good friend of mine and I will miss him greatly. My deepest sympathies go to his family. Paul will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.
Dianne Baxter, AHAA President

Anthony Pelling - Australian rider competing successfully in Spain


Anthony Pelling (an Australian rider living in Spain) has taken out 1st and 3rd place at the CDN3* in Jerez, Spain, riding two PRE horses (purebred Andalusians) from Candau Stud. Congratulations Anthony!  The picture is of Anthony riding riding Napoleon XLV at the CDN3* which was held at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

Jose Mendez An Honorary Associate of the AHAA


It is with much pleasure that Council announces that Jose Mendez has accepted an offer from the AHAA Council to become an Honorary Associate of our Association.  The offer was made to Jose in recognition and appreciation of his support of the Andalusian horse in Australia over more than 30 years.  ‘Honorary Associate’ is a unique title that has not been given by our association before.  The intention is to recognise and thank Jose for his consistent promotion of the Andalusian horse in this country through his inspirational displays, performances, lessons, clinics, advice and articles.  The name of Jose Mendez and that of the Andalusian horse are already linked and this is a way of officially recognising this bond.  The Council is very happy that Jose accepted the title

Free Website Advertising for Members

To encourage greater use of our AHAA website and to add value to membership, Council has decided to offer free advertising to members on the For Sale/Wanted and Stallions at Stud website pages.  There will be a limit of two For Sale advertisements per member at any one time and no limits on Stallions at Stud.  Members wishing to take advantage of this offer are invited submit their ads via the Federal Secretary.

Andalusian Derivative Register

At the April Council meeting it was decided to change the name of the Iberian Derivative Register to the Andalusian Derivative Register.  The ID Register was started in 2001.  It was renamed in 2009 to Iberian Derivative Register.  This name, though, did not accurately describe the breeding of the horses and also was confusing after the introduction of the Iberian Purebred Stud Book.   There are currently 55 horses registered.  Although the name of the Register is changing the Registration numbers will not change.

Salto al Cielo changes

Council made the decision to produce three issues of Salto al Cielo per year instead of four and to make these issues thicker and full colour instead of partly colour and partly black and white.  Our editor is always looking for articles, pictures and news stories so, members, please feel welcome to send in anything of interest you may have.

AHAA Members Vote to Update Constitution

During the AGM held on the Saturday 24th April, counting of the member votes with regard to updating our Association Constitution (now called Rules) took place and the result was a 100% affirmative response.  The new Rules have now been formally approved by the Associations section of the WA Department of Commerce.

Free Registration to Breeders for Registration of 6th Horse in a Season

The AHAA will give a free registration to breeders for registration of their 6th horse for the season. The free fee will be set at the lowest fee for the horses being registered if it is a combination. 

AHAA Affiliated with HRCAV

The AHAA is now affiliated with the Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria (HRCAV).  Council is hoping this initiative will increase membership and be a good promotion for the AHAA in Victoria. 

Juan Manuel Diaz and Fuego at the London Olympics

Watch the ride of Juan Manuel Diaz and Fuego on the following link:

Registration of Progeny from Imported Semen

Due to recent Federal Council rulings, the following paragragh has been inserted into the Registration section of the AHAA Rules & Regulations.

"A foal born in Australia as a result of the use of imported semen may be registered in the AHAA Stud Book for Purebred Spanish Horses after it has been inscribed in the official Stud Book for Purebred Spanish Horses of Spain. Inscription proof needs to be provided in the form of copies of all relevant inscription documents officially signed as sighted by the Secretary of AHAA or a JP. The words "I certify this is a true and unaltered copy of the original" with a signature and date would be required to be written on each page of the inscription documents. The documents need to show all relevant information for the horse to be registered including (but not limited to) date of birth, identification diagrams, pedigree information, microchip number and parent DNA compatability. The foal will need to be DNA profiled with the AHAA so the AHAA has records for future parent validation."