Roll of Merit Explanation

The National Roll of Merit is a series of Awards which may be achieved both at Halter and Working.  It is open to all member/owners of Andalusian horses.  There is no time frame to achieve these awards, so members are able to continue gaining points towards their Awards even if it is necessary to have a break in competition for various reasons.

A horse gaining his/her Roll of Merit in the nominated section is awarded a certificate and cup in recognition of his/her achievement.   If a horse gains both Halter and Working Awards, he/she is also issued with a parchment Champion Roll of Merit Certificate.  A sire or dam achieving his/her Progeny Award receives a Cup and, on achieving the Champion Progeny Award, receives the Champion parchment certificate.

To enter send completed Application Form to the AHAA Federal Secretary .

Once entered in a ROM section, owners send competition results to Kathy Peel, ROM Coordinator, PO Box 38, Tarcutta, NSW, 2652.

CHAMPION is awarded 8 points. RESERVE CHAMPION is awarded 4 points.CHAMPION is awarded 8 points. RESERVE CHAMPION is awarded 4 points.


The Roll of Merit has been designed to record and recognize consistent meritorious performance by Andalusian horses.  It enables members to reach a goal and gain an award in their own time. 

     1.  Any horse can gain his R.O.M. at either Halter or Working or Progeny.  It is entirely up to the owner of the horse how long they wish to take in getting the R.O.M.
     2.  A horse, once nominated and fee paid, is entered for life.  Points may be gained from commencement of nomination and continue until R.O.M. is gained, regardless of any change in ownership.
     3.  Points gained before the horse is nominated for R.O.M. are not eligible with the exception of the Progeny Section as listed under Item 5 of that section.
     4.  Score sheets must be sent within 30 days of the event.  A $10 late entry fee will apply if scores are sent between 30 & 90 days.  Points received after three (3) months of the show date or event are not allowed.
     5.  Point scores will be published each quarter in the AHAA Newsletter.  Disputes must be received by R.O.M. Registrar within two (2) months to receive consideration.



1.  A minimum of 60 points must be gained before the nominated horse can receive his/her Roll of  Merit.
2.  Points will be awarded to 4th place.  Only two classes judged by any one judge on the same day are eligible for point scoring (sheets to be signed by judge).
3.  Only Andalusian classes are eligible for this section of the Halter Merit.
4.  Only Led Andalusian Breed classes and Led Andalusian Progeny Classes are eligible. 

Point Scoring

1st       4 points
2nd      3 points
3rd      2 points
4th      1 point 

CHAMPION is awarded 4 points.
RESERVE CHAMPION is awarded 2 points.



As above except only Open Led Halter classes and Open Led Progeny classes are eligible.



1.  A minimum of 400 points must be gained.
2.  Only two classes judged by any one judge on the same day are eligible for point scoring.

Eligible Classes and scoring

   1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th  6th
Advanced Three Day Event 30 22 18 12 9 3
Advanced One Day Event            
FEI Dressage levels (Official and Participant)            
A Grade Jumping 20 15 12 8 6 2
Medium and Advanced levels of Official Dressage            
EA Para Equestrian Official Dressage - all levels            
Open Campdraft            
Endurance Riding (70Klm or more            
Harness 3 Phase Driving            
Novice 3DE            
Novice ODE 15 12 8 6 3 1
B Grade Jumping            
Elementary Official Dressage            
Junior Novice 3DE            
Endurance Riding (30-70Klm)            
Harness Classes-Royal Agricultural Shows            
C Grade jumping 12 9 6 4 2 1
Preliminary and Novice levels of Official Dressage            
Junior Novice O.D.E            
Pony Club State Dressage Championships            
Pony Club State Jumping Championships            
Harness - Speed Cone Driving            
Working Equitation Classes            
D Grade Jumping 10 7 5 3 1  
Harness Classes            
O.D.E. Restricted Novice            
Novice Campdraft            
Western Trial riding            
Working Stock Horse Events            
Open Show Horse or Saddle Classes            
Junior Jumping            
Restricted Show Horse or Saddle Classes 8 5 3 1    
Andalusian Led and Ridden classes            
Colour classes            
Costume classes            
Dressage - All Participant Dressage levels including RDA Dressage            
Riding Club - Inter Club Annual state Shows            
Gymkhanas - Open, Pony Club   3  2  1      


CHAMPION is awarded 8 points.
RESERVE CHAMPION is awarded 4 points.


This is open to Dams and Sires:
1.  Number of points to be gained to receive R.O.M.
     Dam:  120       Sire:  180
2.  Only 1st generation progeny’s results are eligible for point score.
3.  All points from Halter & Working are eligible for point score.
4.  Valid points gained by progeny already entered in the R.O.M. are automatically eligible for the Sire or Dam provided the points are   gained after the Sire or Dam has been nominated.
5.  Points gained before nomination of Dam or Sire may be credited provided a special search fee of $10 per year or part thereof is paid.
6.  Score sheets need not be returned for the Progeny section as points are automatically credited.
7.  Points gained in the Progeny Section after the horse is deceased are still valid.


Point Scoring for Progeny Section:

1st         6 points   

2nd        5 points

3rd        4 points 

4th        3 points

5th        2 points

6th        1  point          


 1.  This is an automatic award except in the case of the Progeny Section.  No nomination is needed.
 2.  The horse who gains both Halter Merit and Working Merit will automatically receive CHAMPION ROLL OF MERIT.
 3.  To receive CHAMPION ROLL OF MERIT in the Progeny Section:
      Dam must obtain 240 points
      Sire must obtain 360 points.

Riding Club - Inter Club Annual state Shows