Australian Andalusian

The Stud Book for the Australian Andalusian was set up by the founders of the Association to produce a horse genetically akin, to the Pure Spanish Horse.  Originally males were required to be 4th cross and females 3rd cross.  The AHAA membership later voted that Australian Andalusians should remain their own entity and males and females should be 3rd cross or higher to enter this Stud Book.  All horses must be microchipped to enter this Stud Book.


General Characteristics

The Australian Andalusian is an example of a beautiful, well balanced and athletic animal with great presence.  Basically a substantial horse with ample bone and muscle.  The horse should be alert but calm, movements brisk and energetic but absolutely predictable.  The gait is naturally stylish with good extension.  There are no height restrictions for the Australian Andalusian.

Head and Neck
The Australian Andalusian has a noble and attractive head.  The size of the head should be in proportion with the rest of the horse, joining the neck cleanly through the gullet.  Thick gullets are not desirable.

The Ears are medium sized, mobile and well positioned.

The Neck should be slightly arched with good length of rein.  The neck is well set and blends nicely with the shoulder.  Presence of too heavy or fallen crest is not acceptable.

Withers should be well defined, wide and muscular, blending smoothly with the neck.

The body should be well developed and robust, with a slightly arched rib cage; a broad muscular chest with plenty of depth; sloping shoulders well muscled and relatively large; a straight strong back which merges imperceptibly into a wide flat muscular coupling, which itself merges beautifully with the croup.  Flanks must be short and full.

The Croup should be of medium breadth and length, rounded and slightly sloping with the base of the tail not set high.  Abundant growth of hair on the tail is desirable.

Muscular arms which form a harmonious angle with the shoulders, forearms strong and well defined knees and although strong, must not be coarse; oval cannons with neat well defined tendons, clean strong fetlocks and wide pasterns with a similar slope to that of the hoof, which should be neither too upright nor too sloping.

Hind Legs
The rump and thighs should be muscular.  Lower legs similar as fore legs.  The hoofs must be strong and well proportioned.

Should be straight with good impulsion.

A noble, intelligent, energetic animal, endowed with considerable stamina and with a marked predisposition to being completely and perfectly trained.  The kind calm temperament is one of the horses outstanding characteristics.

Any solid coloured horse.

Special Aptitudes
The combination of the strength, the disposition and the action of this animal ideally suits it as a saddle horse and for producing performance horses in all the fields of equitation.

Blemishes which do not affect the breeding soundness of an animal, acquired through accident, and not as a result of inferior confirmation should not be penalized in a breed class.