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2019 AHAA NSW State Championships

SATURDAY 16th and SUNDAY 17th MARCH 2019

To be held at the world class venue

Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC)

Saxony Road, Horsley Park, NSW 2175


Saturday night dinner @6:30pm with special guest speaker

Australian High Performance Para Equestrian & Breed Ambassador

Victoria Davies-Koch


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Please click on the links below for the program and entry forms.

NSW Andalusians were out in force in the dressage arena over the weekend! (24th-25th November 2018)

Published: 26th November 2018

Congratulations to Sabina Callaghan (Black Horse Manor) and Rebecca Walshe for outstanding achievements with their 2 beautiful WB x Andalusians at the Canberra Classic dressage event.

BHM Spanish Love
Ridden by Rebecca Walshe
3rd place with 66.07% Advanced 5.2
1st place with 69.08% Advanced 5.3

BHM Spanish Amor
Ridden by Rebecca Walshe
5th place with 65.29% Advanced 5.2
5th place with 64.34% Advanced 5.3


Congratulations to Rebecca Carpenter with her young pinto partbred Andalusian BHM By Design (a half brother to BHM Spanish Amor) for her results in the Preliminary AOR also at the Canberra Classic dressage event.

BHM By Design
6th place with 60.10% Preliminary 1.2 AOR
7th place with 62.72% Preliminary 1.3 AOR


Congratulations to Leanne Cameron with her partbred Andalusian gelding Gotico Park Regarlo for a great win in the Official Competitive Prix St George AOR with 65.36% at the Sydney Dressage Club event.

NSW AHAA Facebook page: Andalusian Horse Association of NSW

Victoria Davies-Koch & Andaluka Elegido - Shoalhaven SPORTING HALL OF FAME

Published: 23rd November 2018

Long term AHAA member and Andalusian/PRE breed ambassador Victoria Davies-Koch with her PRE Andalusian stallion ANDALUKA ELEGIDO to be inducted into the Shoalhaven Sporting Hall of Fame which will take place Australia Day 2019.

Victoria named as an Sporting Hall of Fame Elite Athlete and Andaluka Elegido into the Sporting Hall of Fame for Sporting Animals.

Victoria says:
"I am very proud to announce that on Australia Day 2019 my PRE stallion ANDALUKA ELEGIDO 'Eddy' and I will receive awards and be inducted into the SHOALHAVEN SPORTING HALL OF FAME - myself as an Elite Athlete and Eddy as a Sporting Animal.

I am truly humbled and honored. Quite speechless really and why it has taken me a few days to make this announcement! Michael, you can never keep surprises from me but you hid this one well! xx

For Eddy to be inducted into the Sporting Hall of Fame, has brought tears, as he has achieved in my eyes... it all now. His name will forever be among some of the greatest sporting animals from Olympic medalists to Melbourne Cup winners. I'm so incredibly proud of him and proud of myself ... with all my health issues for training and producing such an amazing stallion.

He can now retire as one of Australia's greatest PRE stallions of performance that there ever was.

As for myself, my name will be among some of the greatest elite athletes that have represented not only the Shoalhaven but Australia. Maybe I am too humble but I find this quite surreal to have my name next to Mervyn Bennett - a 5 x Olympian and 3 x Bronze medalist.

I have lived in the Shoalhaven all my life, it has been the home base of my success with so many amazing people and clubs being there to help, support and encourage me over the years from a 4 year old riding my white pony at the Shoalhaven Pony Club to the 34 year old I am today campaigning at every Shoalhaven Dressage Club events.

Thank you to the Shoalhaven City Council and the voting panel for this amazing recognition and Michael, my husband that has been part of this journey for the past 8 years for nominating Eddy and I.

This is not the end of my journey, I have an amazing team of elite quality PRE horses that I strive to campaign at international level, continuing to raise the profile of this amazing breed which I have done so successfully for over 30 years now. "

NSW AHAA Facebook page: Andalusian Horse Association of NSW

Next AGM for the NSW AHAA branch on the 1st December 2018 at 3pm EST.

New South Wales Branch

Published: 7th November 2018

We will be using the teleconference program ZOOM and hosting our meeting will be AHAA federal vice-president Dianne Baxter.

A link with instructions for this program has been mailed out to all financial members, if you have not received this, please email us directly on

We are urging all those who are passionate in promoting the Andalusian breed and have strong commitment to seeing the NSW branch grow to join our committee as we do have vacancies.

We need a strong committee to go forward into the new year to make our planned state show and dressage days a huge success!

If you would like to express your interest in joining our committee please email us on or express your interest at our AGM.

New email address for NSW AHAA:

NATIONAL CAPITAL HORSE SHOW - 23rd, 24th & 25th November 2018

New South Wales Branch

Published: 7th November 2018

Entries close Friday 19th October 2018 late entries have a $50 late fee.

This is a great event held by the ARABS Inc. each year they have classes and challenges open to all breeds.

For another year organisers have welcomed back the Andalusians with classes both for Purebred and Partbred Andalusians in led, ridden and costume with great prizes up for grabs!

Schedule and Entries forms are available at

Murwillumbah Show - Saturday 3rd November 2018

New South Wales Branch

Published: 20th October 2018

Led and Ridden Classes for Baroque horses:


LED BAROQUE HORSES - Andalusian, Lusitano, Lipizzaner, Friesian
Purebred Baroque Colt or Stallion
Purebred Baroque Filly or Mare
Purebred Baroque Gelding
Partbred Baroque Filly or Mare
Partbred Baroque Gelding

RIDDEN BAROQUE HORSES - Andalusian, Lusitano, Lipizzaner, Friesian
Ridden Purebred or Partbred Baroque Horse
Purebred or Partbred Baroque Exhibition -Freestyle Display

Full Program:

Interested in buying a registered Andalusian or Partbred?

New South Wales Branch

Potential buyers please check registrations PRIOR to purchasing! Our national secretary is always willing to check information and help you. A phone call can can confirm details and save heartache.

AHAA breeders should be able to present you registration papers for the horse you are considering.

If a horse is being sold as ‘eligible’ for registration or ‘can be registered’ it really is a case of buyer beware.

We encourage you to check information in relation to AHAA registration prior to purchase.

2018 NSW AHAA Official Dressage Results

We thank everyone who entered or helped and congratulations for making it a wonderful day. Terrific to have members new and old reconnecting and so much interest in the breed on the day. No rest now though committee, onto the State show! 
To our supporters and sponsors CEN oil, Equestrian News, Happy Horse Australia & Mitavite THANK YOU. Hundreds of photographs available at Geosnap now. 
NSW Committee

2018 NSW AHAA Official Open Dressage Competition

New South Wales Branch

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Property Identification Code requirements for NSW horse owners

Dear Horse Industry representative,

I wish to provide you with some important information about  extended requirements for property identification codes (PICs) in NSW. Please forward this information to your members and/or place it on your website so that your members can readily access this information and better understand the NSW PIC requirements.

From 1 September 2012, all properties in NSW with one or more resident horses must have a PIC.

Following the equine influenza (EI) outbreak in 2007, a task-force representing all major NSW horse industry groups (including racing, eventing, breed and show societies) recommended to Governments that PICs for horse properties be introduced. This decision was based on the recognition that it is essential in an emergency involving horses to know where horses are located.

The initial response to EI was hampered by not knowing the location of horses, especially where there were high concentrations of horses.  It is likely that the disease would have been controlled more rapidly if we had been able to target areas with the highest density of horses for surveillance and vaccination.

As a result of this industry consensus, the Chief Veterinary Officers from all jurisdictions agreed in 2008 that PICs should be mandatory for properties with one or more horses.

In 2009, the Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) strongly expressed its support for the introduction of PICs for properties where horses are kept to the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

PICs are a well-established national system of property registration used by all States and Territories for other livestock. Many horse properties would already have a PIC as they run other livestock or pay rates to Livestock Health and Pest Authorities (LHPAs). Extending PICs to all horse properties makes low-cost use of existing administrative systems and databases.

The introduction of a PIC system for horse properties brings NSW into line with Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory which already have this requirement.

Please note that the introduction of PICs for horse properties DOES NOT mean that horses will be subject to any requirements of the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS). It is not mandatory to supply a PIC before a horse can be bought, sold or moved, nor record the horse’s movement on the NLIS database.  However, it would be good practice for horse owners to keep a diary or other record of where their horse has been, which ideally would include the PIC of the property or event ground.

In time, sections of the horse industry, as part of a biosecurity risk mitigation strategy, may require entrants to provide the PIC of the property the horse normally resides on when attending an event. This has already been introduced in Queensland and for some events in Victoria. It is this industry requirement that is expected to encourage the uptake of PICs for horse properties in NSW.  It is not the intention of NSW DPI or LHPAs to enforce compliance from September 1 and we expect that industry will encourage compliance over time as best practice.

The requirement for PICs for horse properties has been introduced primarily for the benefit and protection of the horse industry. The NSW Minister for Primary Industries has recently written to the AHIC thanking them for their strong support for the introduction of PICs for horse properties and requested that their support for PICs be conveyed to NSW AHIC members. NSW is the state with the largest horse population and possibly the largest economic impact if another disease outbreak occurred, so biosecurity measures such as PICs increases the knowledge and contact with the horse industry, which is a positive step.

Property and horse owners can apply for a PIC by contacting their local Livestock Health and Pest Authority, or applying on line.  More information is also available in the Frequently Asked Questions for horse owners on the LHPA website. I also attach a brochure which may be of assistance to your members and which could be published on your website or forwarded by email.

Thank you for your association’s support and interest in enhanced biosecurity for the horse industries.

Yours sincerely

Ian Roth
Chief Veterinary Officer of NSW